Caroline Morgan



Caroline Morgan (not related to Michael Morgan) currently teaches Honours Chemistry, Chemistry and Honours Physics at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School. She has taught at two other LAUSD schools: Fulton Junior High School and most recently James Monroe Law and Government High School.

Ms. Morgan was born in Great Britain, but was raised in Hong Kong, only returning to England to attend University. She obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, where her area of research was Organic Geochemistry. This was followed by post-graduate study at the University of London, Chelsea College for Science Education. She also holds a Master of Science degree from the University of LaVerne.

Ms. Morgan taught at two schools in London before applying to the US Information Agency Fulbright Fellowship program as an exchange teacher. This resulted in a one year posting to Los Angeles and was her introduction to Fulton Junior High School.

After returning to London and fulfilling her contract she came back to LAUSD, with a permanent contract, to teach AP Chemistry, Honours Physics and Chemistry

at James Monroe Law and Government Magnet High school.

Ms Morgan has worked as a Master teacher in Chemistry for the UCLA AP Readiness program and also with USC Rossiter School of Education as a Guided Practice Master teacher. She was also a grader for the University of London A Level syllabus.

Besides teaching Science, Ms Morgan’s other interests include:

Travel – She has travelled extensively and enjoys introducing students to other countries and cultures by  leading student groups on tours to Europe in the summer.

Sailing – she is a qualified Royal Yachting Association Senior Instructor

Music – both listening and performing. She sings in a choir and plays in a handbell choir.

Theatre – she has performed on stage in many shows but recently has focused on the production aspect, working as a stage manager for many theatre companies in North Hollywood and Burbank.