AP Chemistry - Fall Syllabus

The Syllabus will only be released one week in advance. Links will not lead anywhere any time before then.
Week Chapter Topics Lab Agenda
8/13 4 Qualitative Analysis Flame Tests PDF
8/20 4 Reactions Precipitation/Unknown Precipitates PDF
8/27 4 Redox Reactions Electrochemical Series PDF
9/3 3 Stoichiometry Gravimetric Determination PDF
9/10 3 Stoichiometry Hydrates PDF
9/17 5 Gas Laws Molar Mass of a Gas PDF
9/24 5 Gas Laws Molar Volume of a Gas PDF
10/1 6 Thermochemistry Calorimetry: Specific Heat of a Metal PDF
10/8 6 Thermochemistry Calorimetry: Heat of Reaction PDF
10/15 7 Atomic Structure Spectroscopy PDF
10/22 7 Periodicity Brass Lab PDF
10/29 8 Bonding Covalent vs Ionic Compounds PDF
11/12 9 Molecular Orbitals Chemical Formulas PDF
11/26 10 Liquids and Solids Intermolecular Forces Lab PDF
12/3 10 Liquids and Solids Paper Chromotography PDF
12/10 1-10 Finals None PDF

Labs marked with an ** will be after school labs.

A weekly syllabus will be posted every Friday or Monday that outlines that week's homework and lab schedule. Chapters listed are from Zumdahl.