Announcements - AP Chemistry

August 21, 2020: Flame Tests Lab

Here is your first lab of the year. You can print the lab paper and write on it or just write the answers to the prelab questions, data tables, and answers to the post lab questions on a separate sheet. 

Watch this video explaining what we do in the lab. It features a good friend of mine named Jeff Bracken. Caroline Morgan and I have worked with him at national conferences in the past.

Now watch this to collect your data:

Now here are the unknownks. Please note there are only four and not five like on the lab paper. Skip the one labeled "E" on the lab paper.  If you can't leave a space blank on a paper call it "Phred".


August 14, 2020: School Starts Soon!

We are a few days out from classes starting now. It is time for you to get organized for this class. There are a few things to take care of.


1) Make sure you have joined the Schoology group for this class. The access code is: MSZR-KBV8-MF8WR


2) Make sure you have joined the Khan Academy group for this class.  The code is:


3) Get your binder ready. I recommend a 2 or 2.5 inch ring binder for this class. You can start with a smaller one and move to a larger one later in the term. You should set up six labeled sections with dividers. The sections for the binder are:


1. Syllabus                              4. Tests

2. Handouts                             5. Labs

3. Lecture Notes                      6. Homework


4) You should print a copy of the course outline and get your parent to sign the contract. These will be collected on the first day of class.


5) Get a laboratory notebook. Watch for me to post a Youtube video about how to handle this.


6) Spend some time getting used to the webpage. Under the information menu choose Syllabus and you should see the section for AP Chemistry by default. Each week there will be a paper copy of a syllabus that you should print (do it two sided) and keep in your binder.


7) There will be a test right away so I have posted a copy of last year’s test for this unit to give you a rough idea of what it might cover but this year’s test will be quite different since it will be an online test. 


8) I have assembled a review assignment that you should attempt this weeked. You should be able to complete all of it in two hours or less. 

You can find it here. This will be collected.

June 18, 2020: Summer Homework

This is where you will look every evening for downloads and announcements. Your syllabus and other related materials will be placed here. Make sure you check it every night.

Begin by downloading this course description from ETS. There is no need to print it out but you will want to read it.

You will be tested the second day of school on the summer homework.

Here are some items for the summer HW.

Assignment Page

Here are the POGIL assignments that you need to printout and complete:

In case you lost it here is Nomenclature Simplified.

These are due on the first day of classes. You will have a test the second day.