Announcements - AP Chemistry

November 16, 2018: POGILs

There will be three POGIL assignments for the break. They are one, two and three. Get your groups together!

November 16, 2018: Practice

Here is a copy oflast year's test. This year you will have 10 multiple choice questions.

November 16, 2018: Practice

Here is a copy oflast year's test. This year you will have 10 multiple choice questions.

November 14, 2018: Tomorrow's Quiz

The quiz tomorrow will focus on periodic properties.

November 12, 2018: Extra Credit

I think I forgot to mention in the class that the extra credt for the 15 week progress report is a hot pad like the ones we use in the lab stations. This is for both periods.

November 09, 2018: Bonding Practice

This is a set of questions that a good friend of mine wrote for her AP kids dealing with chapters 7-9. We may be dine with 7 ut it is very good practice for the 8-9 test that is this coming week. 


These will not be collected! This is an optional assignment.

November 09, 2018: Adopt an Element

On Tuesday in room 503 there will be sign ups for a big extra credit opportunity. It is called "Adopt an Element". Students who have a D or Fail on the 15 week progress reportcan sign up on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will open up the assignemnt to students with higher grades. The project is due on Monday November 26.

Here is the assignment and here is the rubric. You will need to print a copy of the rubric and attach it to the project when you turn it in.

November 08, 2018: Hybrid Homework

Here is the handout I mentioned that is your homework.

November 02, 2018: Test

Here is your copy of last year's test, the first practice problem and the second one.

October 26, 2018: POGIL

Here is the POGIL for this weekend and the lab for in class on Thursday. The homework for PES is here. There is a POGIL here about PES that I will be assigning next week.

October 23, 2018: Spectroscopy Lab

Here is the procedue for your lab book.

October 19, 2018: Test

Here is a copy of last year's test and a good practice question.

Sorry problem with question 4. Use 100 g ofr the mass of water.

October 12, 2018: POGIL

There is a POGIL for this weekend. Also there is a lab on Monday in class but you do not need to put it in your lab book.

Here is the homework for calorimetry and the one for bond energy.

October 10, 2018: Thermo Tables

Here is the hadnout wih all of the thermodynamic quantities listed. You do not need to print this but it is helful to have a copy handy.

October 09, 2018: Calorimetry Lab

Here is th calorimetry lab for this week.

October 05, 2018: Handouts

This is the reading to do with your study group.

This is the handout for calorimetry and the one for bond energy.

October 01, 2018: Reading

Here is the reading assignment for Monday evening and the after school lab for this week.

September 28, 2018: Test Review

Here is your POGIL for this weekend and the test from last year.

September 21, 2018: Labs

The lab for this weekend is the Magnesium Oxide Lab.

The lab for the coming week is molar volume of a gas.

September 19, 2018: Thursday Quiz

Yes you have a quiz tomorrow! The topic for this week is the same as last week. Mostly dealing with the first lecture outline.

September 14, 2018: Test Review

Here is a copy of the test I gave last year for this chapter. I have also provided what I thik is one of the best questions AP has ever asked about stoichiometry for you to practice.

September 07, 2018: POGIL and Labs

There are two POGIL's for this weekend. One on formulas and one on combustion. The after school lab for next week is on Hydrates.

August 30, 2018: Lab Report

You have your first lab report due on Tuesday. Here is a sample of a perfect paper. For now we will be omitting the Theory section and begin writing them in the spring.

August 30, 2018: Gravimetric Lab

Your lab for this week is an in class lab on Thursday. It will go in your lab book. Here is the procedure for it if you want to prepare your lab book over the weekend and avoid the last minute rush.

August 29, 2018: Test Review

Here is a copy of last year's test. Here is some honors practice on balancing redox equations in acid and base. Also some precipitation reactions to practice.

August 26, 2018: Lab Procedure

Here is your lab for this week.

August 23, 2018: Extra Credit

You are supposed to read the web page every day. Here is a little reward for those people who do. Send an email to your honors chemistry teacher (mmorgan@lausd.netfor Mr. Morgan and cxm2779@lausd.netfor the Ms. Morgan). In the subject line put your name like this:


You can repeat that as the body of the email also.

If we receive this by the time school starts on Friday 8/24/18 you will get 5 points of extra credit. Now for the bigger reward. The first ten emails received by each teacher will get ten points!

August 20, 2018: AP Readiness

Everyone should attend the weekend program at UCLA if you are able. It meets once a month and has some very good instructors. You can register at this web page:



August 16, 2018: ChemX

Every Friday after school we offer a special course called ChemX.  This is a chance for us to have a class that covers material that is not normally covered in high school chemistry classes. It is a chance to take a deeper look at topics and to do experiments not normally included in our normal classes. If you are taking AP Biology this will be of special interest to you since we look at chemistry topics that are background information for AP Biology. If you are interested in participating in Chemistry Olympiad this course is designed to help you with it.

Many tutoring companies provide a course just like this and charge between $900-$4000.

We offer it for free. There is no need to sign up, just come to room 503 on Fridays at 3:15.

We usually finish around 5:15.


August 13, 2018: Extra Credit

Want to start the year of right? Want to earn five points of extra credit on the first day of class? Set up your binder today! You should print a copy of the syllabus that you can find on the "Information Menu" above. Try to print two sided to save paper. Assemble the dividers listed below and bring it all to class tomorrow. Here are the sections that you will need:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Handouts 
  3. Lecture Notes
  4. Tests
  5. Labs
  6. Homework

July 23, 2018: Khan Academy

We are getting close to the start of school! It is time for you to join my Khan Academy class. Go to the following url:


and use this code to join the class:


There will be assignments posted in a few days.

June 08, 2018: Summer Homework

This is where you will look every evening for downloads and announcements. Your syllabus and other related materials will be placed here. Make sure you check it every night.

Begin by downloading this course description from ETS. There is no need to print it out but you will want to read it.

You will be tested the second day of school on the summer homework.

Here are three items for the summer HW.

Item One

Item Two

Item Three

Here are the POGIL assignments that you need to printout and complete:






In case you lost it here is Nomenclature Simplified.

These are due on the first day of classes. You will have a test the second day.