Announcements - AP Chemistry

August 19, 2017: Syllabus

I have posted your new syllabus and now it is time to print it out and put it into your binder. You never know when we will have an extra credit binder check.

August 16, 2017: Care and Feeding of Lab Data

Here is a copy of The Care and Feeding of Laboratory Data to help you with setting up your lab notebook. Make sure you look at the sample lab book in the classroom before you do anything in your lab book.

August 16, 2017: Chem X

Every Friday after school we offer a special course called ChemX.  This is a chance for us to have a class that covers material that is not normally covered in high school chemistry classes. It is a chance to take a deeper look at topics and to do experiments not normally included in our normal classes. If you are taking AP Biology this will be of special interest to you since we look at chemistry topics that are background information for AP Biology. If you are interested in participating in Chemistry Olympiad this course is designed to help you with it.

Many tutoring companies provide a course just like this and charge between $900-$4000.

We offer it for free. There is no need to sign up, just come to room 503 on Fridays at 3:15.

We usually finish around 5:15.

August 08, 2017: Syllabus and Binders

Here is the first syllabus of the year.  You need to print it (try printing two sided) and put it in your binder. If you would like to earn 5 points of extra credit on the first day of class have your binder already prepared according to the instructions in the syllabus and bring it with the first syllabus to the firstday of class. From here on out the syllabus will be on the information menu above.

July 31, 2017: Khan Academy

Well let's see who is actually paying attention this summer! I would like everyone who is enrolled for AP Chem this fall to create an account at Khan Academy and register for my course. PLEASE use an email that contians your name! I need tobe able to track you easily because we will be having assignments on Khan 

You can register for my class by going to:

and using the code:


Once you register I will add the assignments to your profile. It may take a day or two for me to get them added so in the meantime you can just work throught the basic chemistry review material that is on Khan.

June 07, 2017: Summer Homework

This is where you will look every evening for downloads and announcements. Your syllabus and other related materials will be placed here. Make sure you check it every night.

Begin by downloading this course description from ETS. There is no need to print it out but you will want to read it.

You will be tested the second day of school on the summer homework.

Here are three items for the summer HW.

Item One

Item Two

Item Three

Here are the POGIL assignments that you need to printout and complete:






In case you lost it here is Nomenclature Simplified.

These are due on the first day of classes. You will have a test the second day.

Here are several lecture outlines to help you review the most important items from the first year course.

History of Atomic Structure

Atoms and Molecules


Mathematics and the Mole

Formula Problems