Announcements - AP Chemistry

September 07, 2019: Typing Special Characters

After looking over your lab reports it appears many of you need to read this document abut how to type special characters like superscripts and subscripts.

September 02, 2019: Khan Academy

Everyone in AP Chemiistry should be signed up for a Khan Academy account and be enrolled in my Khan class by now. Several of you are not

You can do it from this link:

Please make sure you use an email that I will be able to recognize your name from. If you did this over the summer you are fine no need to worry.

August 30, 2019: Old Test

Here is a copy of the test that I gave last year for this unit. This is a copy of the lab report that I prepared for you t use as a reference. Please look at the large document I gave you last week called "The Care and Feeding of Laboratory Data" for greater detail.

August 22, 2019: Chem X

Every Friday after school we offer a special course called ChemX.  This is a chance for us to have a class that covers material that is not normally covered in high school chemistry classes. It is a chance to take a deeper look at topics and to do experiments not normally included in our normal classes. If you are taking AP Biology this will be of special interest to you since we look at chemistry topics that are background information for AP Biology. If you are interested in participating in Chemistry Olympiad this course is designed to help you with it.

Many tutoring companies provide a course just like this and charge between $900-$4000.

We offer it for free. There is no need to sign up, just come to room 503 on Fridays at 3:15.

We usually finish around 5:15.

August 18, 2019: TheTwo Assignments

Sorry there has been some confusion about what I menat when I said the "two assignments" in the online syllabus. One is finishing the lecutre ouline. The socond is knowing all the polyatomic ions from the list in nomenclature simplified. Also let us be realistic. Most people will not be totally profecient ont he lecture outline and we will be spending two weeks on it when we come back. So breath easy. I have posted a test for you to look at that will tell you a great deal about what this week's test will look like. Study hard!

August 17, 2019: Course Description

Here is a copy of the College Board's Official Course Description for AP Chemistry. It is a new document for 2019. I recommend that all of you put a copy on your hard drive. Do not prin it since it is a very long document.

August 17, 2019: First Test

So if you are concerned about the review test that is on the second day of class here is a link to the test that I gave last year. You can expect that this year's test will be similar but not exactly the same. It will cover the same basic material.

August 16, 2019: Syllabus

Okay so the first syllabus for the semerter has now been posted. It can be found by clicking "Information" above and choosing "Syllabus" and then navigating to AP Chemistry and choosing the pdf for the first week. You should print this out right away. Try and learn how to print two sided to save yourself some paper.

to try and motivate you anyone who prints the syllabus and follows the instructions in it for setting up their binder and brings it to class ont eh first day of school will start the year off with ten points of extra credit. Make sure you follow the instructions in the syllabus and include the paper copy of the syllabus.

August 14, 2019: Let's Get Started

Well it is time to get started! Everyone in AP Chemiistry should sign up for a Khan Academy account and enroll in the class I just created there. You can do it from this link:

Please make sure you use an email that I will be able to recognize your name from. I will assign some content later today and you will need to view it by the first day of school. This will all be review and only designed to wake your brain up.

June 04, 2019: Summer Homework

This is where you will look every evening for downloads and announcements. Your syllabus and other related materials will be placed here. Make sure you check it every night.

Begin by downloading this course description from ETS. There is no need to print it out but you will want to read it.

You will be tested the second day of school on the summer homework.

Here are three items for the summer HW.

Assignment Page

Lecture Outline

Here are the POGIL assignments that you need to printout and complete:

In case you lost it here is Nomenclature Simplified.

These are due on the first day of classes. You will have a test the second day.