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Hello and welcome to Morganchem, the home of all things NErDy at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School and the official web presence of Michael Morgan.

I take your child's education very seriously. It is with that intention that I have provided this webpage for you and your child to help get a better understanding of what goes on in their Chemistry class. Here you will find our weekly and semester long schedules, copies of all the homework assignments and laboratories, daily announcements, and important information to help parents keep their children on track. 

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Album of the Week

Over the past twenty years music education has disappeared from our schools. This becomes obvious when listening to new music on the radio only to hear music that is  unoriginal or even bad. Most of today's so called artists do not write their own music or even play their own instruments.

So in the spirit of teaching you everything we can, this page features an Album of the Week. These are not ordinary albums in the history of music. These are the groundbreaking pieces of music that truly shaped how music was presented, recorded, and how it influenced other musicians and the public.

A few notes about the choices.  They are albums and not collections of single songs thrown together willy-nilly. They were meant to be played in order. They often told a story or set a mood. Some of them defined a genre and some defined a generation. I strongly recommend that you ask your Parents/Grandparents to dig through their record collections and find their old copies of these and put them on the turntable and experience them the way they were meant to be experienced.

Current Album


The entry for this week was written by my good friend and former colleague Cesar Chavez. We lost him a few years ago and he is dearly missed. I think his insight into this album is much better then my own so I asked him to prepare this entry.

Back in Black

The decade of disco had passed and 1980 ushered in the promise of solidifying the hard rock and heavy metal sounds that had paved the way by such greats as Led Zeppelinand Black Sabbath. No one expected, however, that future Heavy Metal Gods, AC/DC, were being forged, literally by fire and brimstone in Australia, to be known forever more as the Thunder Down Under.

The band had built a relatively successful following after six albums and were working on their 7th, when tragedy changed the face of rock and roll forever. In February of 1980, Bon Scott, the prolific lead singer and song writer for the band, died unexpectedly of alcohol poisoning. This nearly drove AC/DC to call it quits, but after some soul searching (and with the support of Bon Scott's parents), the band stayed together and hired Brian Johnson as their new singer. They agreed to continue and finish what they stared.

What they created, the final...(continued)