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For this week we will focus on the 1975 release “Blood on the Tracks”. Many say this is the finest work of the second half of his career. I actually think it is his best album. It is a highly introspective album that deals with heavy issues and deep emotion. His son Jakob has said the album was really a conversation between his parents. Dylan himself has just said he was influenced by Chekov. The feel of the album is very stripped down. Most of the tracks are simply an acoustic guitar with Dylan singing and maybe some drums and bass.

The album is ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 20 best albums of all time.

Side one begins with an amazing tale called Tangled Up In Blue. Simple Twist of Fate is another great track. On side two there is a wonderful piece called Shelter from the Storm.

Dylan hit the road after this album and had a very successful tour.

A warning! Do not listen to this if you are depressed. This is a great album for late at night when you need some background to do some heavy thinking. It is not an upbeat and happy album. But it is an amazing piece of music.